Adhesive Nipples

Oh my! Yes, nipples. Women who undergo reconstruction often choose not to have additional procedures to obtain a nipple. For them, attachable nipples are a great option. They come in various sizes (diameters), skin tone colors and flat or perky projections! I had a patient who purchased nipples to put onto her breast prosthesis even though most prostheses have an illusion of a nipple as part of their design.  You can even have a custom nipple made to match an existing nipple.

Medicare and other insurers cover attachable nipples. You probably qualify for multiple sets per year but have to get one set at a time per side (unilateral or bilateral).

For your patients who do not want to undergo further procedures to acquire nipples or if your patients cannot undergo further procedures, these attachable nipples are a great option. Medicare may cover a new set quarterly (DME guidelines) and other insurers should include nipples as part of a woman’s benefits.

Don’t forget you will need to write a Detailed Dispensing Order.  I once had a patient who had reconstruction, but also liked to wear a prosthesis with additional nipples. She paid out-of-pocket to have these products. Needless to say, she was a bit quirky, but my job was to make her happy and help her to feel womanly.

Image showing the various types of adhesive nipples with a pink background