discussion with doctor and woman and man, about junk outSometimes it ain’t rocket science. In fact, it often isn’t rocket science. Or in other words, a little bit of common sense often goes a long ways. In this case, we’re talking about preventing breast cancer, which is an abnormality that happens in your body. Thus, what makes the most sense to prevent any type of illness in our bodies? Take care of it! Feed it properly. Rest it properly. Don’t abuse it by putting junk into, and don’t over exert it without giving it the intervals of proper rest and rejuvenation. In summary, do exactly what makes practical sense. Now the reason this works is not just because it makes sense to us. It works because that is truly the way the body functions.

Our bodies process what goes into them. Thus, junk in, junk out. This means that if you eat unhealthy food, your body will process the unhealthiness in that food (whatever that may be). This lifestyle may keep you alive, but it won’t make you healthy. This applies to many issues and potential illnesses, including the possibility and probability of getting breast cancer.

Nutrition is Your Castle Keep

Like building a castle wall around the village to keep everyone safe, so too, eating and exercising properly are the best defenses in keeping you safe from illness. The enemy may still get in, but you’ve made it so much harder for it to get there and stay there.

Regarding nutrition, any healthy eating will benefit you in defending against breast cancer. Thus, you can and should look into any and all nutritional wellbeing. However, here are some specific nutritional ideas and food that will serve you well in this particular battle and defense.

Also, practice these particular habits:

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Get help with this issue if you need it. This is such a critical and practical life issue, both in regard to preventing breast cancer and living life in general!
  • Minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise regularly.

That Darn Discipline

For any of these issues, whether it is in regard to weight loss, alcohol control, regular exercise, or eating nutritionally, please seek a professional or any practical help. There are thousands of books, professionals and others who would enjoy assisting you in these areas. Most of it should not be a surprise, but most of us struggle with the discipline of it all. Therein lies the rub. Just how badly do you want to be healthy?! (… and prevent the potential calamity of breast cancer, for example?!)