Diet, Insulin, and Breast Cancer

While there are many factors that contribute to the incidence of breast cancer, including cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, and even genetics, one of the often overlooked contributors to inflammatory breast cancer, and cancer in general, is insulin and a diet high in simple sugars. But before we can understand how high insulin levels contribute [...]

Breast Reconstruction Support

Breast Cancer Support: Breast Reconstruction As no specific method of prevention of breast cancer has yet been discovered, early detection remains the first tool in the arsenal of breast cancer support. Everyone has probably heard the recommendations that women have annual or bi-annual mammograms, undergo routine physical examinations, and provide self-examinations monthly. While the safety [...]

Breast Cancer Support: Medical Exam Part 2

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Breast Cancer Support: Part 2 Medical Examinations In article one of this two-part series on breast cancer support, warning signs of breast cancer were discussed. In this second article, medical procedures for breast cancer support are explained. Reviewing the warning signs of breast cancer Some of the signs and symptoms [...]

Breast Cancer Support: Part 1 Warning Signs

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Breast Cancer Support:  Warning Signs Part 1 The definition of breast cancer An uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the breast is the definition of breast cancer. Affecting women at a rate of one in eight – that’s nearly a quarter of a million new cases each year -- it is the second [...]

A Brief History of Breast Cancer Support

A Brief History of Breast Cancer Support The history of breast cancer support began nearly 100 years ago with efforts to detect breast cancer earlier. This endeavor grew with breakthroughs in treatment, culminating today with more and more emphasis on preventing breast cancer, although there are still very few methods to do this that are [...]

Life After Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Though rare, it accounts for just under five percent of all diagnosed cases of breast cancer in the United States. This particular breast cancer is labeled inflammatory because the most significant symptom is a swollen breast which is often inflamed and [...]