Physicians, PAs, Nurse Navigators, Nurses, and Practice Managers

I would like to partner with your group to refine/revise/develop the information your patients deserve and initially look to you to provide. The post-breast cancer breast care industry is complex; the product selection is broad and deep.

Your patients’ knowledge of specialty breast care products (as covered by her insurance) should start with you. But it just doesn’t happen. Fighting cancer is a tough battle, and your patients trust you to fight alongside them and advocate for them in every aspect. There is a lot to navigate for each patient’s treatment plan. However, her access to insurance-covered products during treatment, recovery, and forever after is of tantamount importance.

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The manufacturers work tirelessly to create the best and most innovative products they can for your patients.  Every surgeon/oncology team has specific post-op/treatment instructions, and, by partnering with me, you can provide a customized version of my Patient Guide Booklet inclusive of your specific patient care instructions.

My fees are reasonable and my mission is to have a patient’s medical team provide product information at the point of diagnosis.

Critical products like the post-op camisole, post-op bra, and thera-port bra have a limited window of use by your patient and often have a restricted timeline for insurance reimbursement.

I know you want your patients to have all the benefits of these products during treatment, recovery, and throughout their lifetimes. I also know, after conducting countless in-services to medical practices, that it is difficult to stay up-to-date with all the products available for your patients. Let me help you do that!

It is disconcerting how little information is given to the breast cancer patient who undergoes a mastectomy, lumpectomy, and/or reconstruction. Save your patients unneeded stress and expense; they will be grateful for this information.

The Prescription

Medicare categorizes breast prostheses and associated products as Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Hence, other insurance payers apply similar categorization, guidelines, and rules. Not too long ago, all you had to write on the Rx was the diagnosis code with the words “bra and prosthesis.” Today a prescription has multiple criteria in order for the patient to receive product coverage. Do you know how to write for these items?

I have given numerous presentations to practices and organizations regarding the products available to patients; I find that frequently they are stunned at the availability of these products and the fact that they are covered (in part or totally) by Medicare and most insurance providers.