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Pink Ribbon Consulting is dedicated to educating breast cancer patients and medical professionals about the breast care industry and related insurance benefits, specifically pre-op and post-op garments used during and after radiation treatment, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction.  

Also included in the scope of consultation are external breast prostheses (also known as breast forms) and related pocketed bras; wigs and skin care products.

My role is to  personally explain product options and insurance benefits you may have pertaining to these products.

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Newly Diagnosed

Preparing for:


Radiation Therapy?


I wish every patient knew about the post-op camisole garment! It will make your drain management so much easier during the first few weeks of your  recovery following surgery. By the time the majority of newly diagnosed patients discover the post-op camisole, it is too late to benefit from its use. Learn More

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Breast Cancer Survivors

Bras, External Breast Prosthesis:

Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Non-silicone​ Prosthesis

There are several manufacturers of post-breast surgery bras. These companies are dedicated to developing and designing beautiful and functional products for women who have undergone various surgeries due to breast cancer diagnosis. The bras are typically fashioned after current trends and look identical to the bras you have worn. Learn More

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Medical Professionals

Post-op Camisoles, Bras, Prostheses:

Educate your staff

Help your patients

Your patients’ knowledge of specialty breast care products, covered by her insurance, should start with you. But it just doesn’t happen. Fighting cancer is a tough battle and that is what your patients trust you to do. Learn More