Post-op Camisole

This camisole will help you recover in comfort and is constructed for drain management. There are several style options including a pull on/step into camisole, front zipper closure and front Velcro closure. Patients often find it is best to have the post-op camisole sized and fit before surgery, then have someone pick it up for you, after you get home from the hospital (see insurance information below). This product is not meant to offer a lot of support, but rather to assist with drain management by having pouches that attach to the garment to hold your drains. They usually come in white, black and nude and should  make you feel better just wearing it!

Insurance is very specific about the delivery of this product. You must receive delivery after your surgery and discharge date, as it is categorized as a post-operative garment. It is best to get sized and fit for this item before your surgery and have a friend or family member pick them up from your boutique when you get home.

You should get ‘one to wash and one to wear’. If you find you need more during recovery, ask your dealer to confirm it is covered. Even Medicare often approves more than two BUT it might be denied, so keep in mind you may end up paying for more than two.

The post-op camisole should fit loosely and comfortably. Certain surgeries and reconstructive procedures are contraindicated (not allowed) for this garment, so you MUST check with your surgeon before using this garment.

Woman Standing with Post-Op White Cami on

The post-op camisole will ease recovery for your patients by offering a drain management garment that is feminine, comfortable, easy to don and doff and covered by Medicare and other payers. These garments typically come with a very light-weight fiberfill breast form that fits into the garment pockets and offers a semblance of breast shape while the patient is recovering from a mastectomy.

It is most beneficial for the garment to be sized before surgery, keeping post-op bandaging in mind, to ensure there is limited or no compression, according to the surgeon’s protocol. I have often given a patient two different sizes, a larger one for immediately following surgery and one size down for after bandages are removed. The patient should receive two garments…’one to wash and one to wear’. Insurances may cover additional garments, should they be needed in the future.

The fitting of this garment can be added to the patient’s discharge orders, should you have a breast care boutique associated with your medical facility that offers this in-room fitting service. Otherwise, the garment should be sized before surgery and a family member will need to pick up the camisoles, once the patient is discharged.  This ‘post-op’ garment is NOT covered if delivered before the surgical discharge date (there are some exceptions to this delivery requirement).

After the first week or so of surgery, some patients are ready to wear a non-binding bra but still have their drains. There are front closure bras that can accommodate the drain pouches for your patients to use as a drain management garment. These are also covered by Medicare and other payers.