Silicone Shell / Shaper Breast Form

The shell or shaper is used to achieve symmetry when a full form is not needed. These are used for patients who have undergone reconstruction or have symmetry issues following breast conserving surgeries such as lumpectomy.

Shapers are used as a symmetry solution when there is a natural remaining breast and a reconstructed breast (one-sided mastectomy and reconstruction).

After reconstruction, women are often missing the apex (pointy area) of their breast, due to the rounded shape of some reconstructed breasts. The shaper addresses this issue and can help achieve the look of natural symmetry! They come in different sizes and shapes.

skin tone breast shell/form on side

insurance insignia

Insurance covers the silicone shaper/shell the same as a full form. SO, most insurers only provide one every two years.
medical insigniaReconstructive surgeries often leave a patient needing the apex of a breast and this situation can be remedied by using a shaper. These forms can be ultra-thin and worn directly against the body, not requiring a pocketed bra. A Fitter can determine how much volume is needed to achieve the desired outcome. Most insurers do not cover a breast form unless the patient needs the pocketed bra. After fitting thousands of bras on breast cancer patients and in a retail environment, please do not underestimate that women want a ‘perfect’ fit in their bras and this can be achieved by this breast form.